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There are many ways to contribute to Compiere. Most of them do not involve writing a single line of Java code!  Below are several ways you can make valuable contributions to the Compiere community.

Improve Compiere

Advocate for Compiere

Ways to Contribute

Use the current release


Many have asked about ways to create generalized extensions to Compiere. For example, you are interested in building a lease management system for real estate management. Compiere 3.0.3 includes a beta release of a framework to develop applications on top of the Compiere Platform. Read more about the program in the Compiere 3.0.3 Release Notes.

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Add to the Compiere Wiki

Adding new pages or editing or commenting on existing pages is extremely easy. All you need are fresh ideas and an account on the Wiki. Additional resources to help add content to the Wiki include the Community Guidelines and the Confluence Wiki User Documentation.


Making contributions is surprisingly easy...and rewarding.  Make your first contribution to the Compiere Community today.

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