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Tell us what you think about the pilot of our Compiere Community Wiki.

We are looking for sincere feedback...and we are also looking for comments to feature in our press release announcing the Wiki in June.Those of you who leave quotes on this page have the potential to be featured in a June press release announcing the wiki

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  1. Jun 30, 2008

    Dear All, My name is Viwat from Thailand. I'm very new in compiere and never use it before. I just installed compiere 3.0 in my notebook last week and would like to see how the capability of compiere software. I also downloaded all documents from "Compiere Documentation -Compiere Wiki" but seem the those documents are "brief documents only" because there are not much details (or maybe I don't have knowledge about this  (_)).

    I would like to know whether...

    1)Do you have any "full compiere user documentation" or I really need to buy from Compiere USD120 ? Please advise....

    2) "full compiere user documentation" which mentioned in website is different with the document in "compiere community" or not?

     Please advise me, Sir/Madam

     Thanks&Best Regards


    1. Jun 30, 2008

      The full Compiere User Documentation is available here through the wiki. You can choose to access this information via the wiki at no charge, or alternately, you can also choose to purchase the User Documentation as an e-book through