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There are many ways to contribute to Compiere. Most of them do not involve writing a single line of Java code!  Below are several ways you can make valuable contributions to the Compiere community.

Improve Compiere

Advocate for Compiere

Ways to Contribute

Use the current release

We are frequently surprised by the number of organizations that continue to use Compiere 2.6.1 or earlier. Compiere quality and stability improves with every release. If you are using an older release you are missing out! Recent releases also include new functionality and usability improvements. The latest release is available on the Compiere Community Edition Download Page of

Compiere Migration Tools (available in Compiere Professional Edition and Compiere Standard Edition) automate the process of bringing your older release forward to the latest release while preserving your customizations. Compiere Community Edition customers have two choices for getting to the current release. First, they can become subscribers and gain access to Compiere's Migration Tools. Second, they can install the latest Compiere release and take manual steps to migrate their data and customizations into a new Compiere tenant (previously called client).

Write actionable bug reports

If you find a bug or an issue with Compiere, we want to know about it. We use the Compiere Requests system for tracking customer issues and bugs...and you can too. The issue tracking system is a great place for you to research if your issue has previously been reported by someone else. Details are on the Community Issue Tracking Page of

Suggest new features

We welcome your suggestions and ideas on new capabilities for future Compiere releases. The best way to create momentum around a new feature is to create a request in the Issue Tracking System. In the summary field, note that your issue is a "Product Enhancement."

Translate Compiere information into your native language

The default language for Compiere software and support is English. The product is fully internationalized and, with your help, can be localized to your language. Instructions for creating language packs outline the steps to create a language pack in your local language.

We welcome your localization of Wiki content as well.

Develop applications on top of the Compiere Platform

Many have asked about ways to create generalized extensions to Compiere. For example, you are interested in building a lease management system for real estate management. Compiere 3.0.3 includes a beta release of a framework to develop applications on top of the Compiere Platform. Read more about the program in the Compiere 3.0.3 Release Notes.

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Add to the Compiere Wiki

Adding new pages or editing or commenting on existing pages is extremely easy. All you need are fresh ideas and an account on the Wiki. Additional resources to help add content to the Wiki include the Community Guidelines and the Confluence Wiki User Documentation.

Answer (and ask) questions in the forum

The Compiere Forums are an important resource for interacting with your fellow Compiere community members. Use the forums to share information with your peers, voice opinions, get answers to questions, and learn what others are doing with Compiere. Currently the Compiere Forums are hosted in the Compiere Project on Wikis and Forums are collaborative tools that serve different needs. The Wiki is a repository of general knowledge. The forum, on the other hand, is a resource for getting specific input or opinions from the community.

Correct inaccuracies when you find them

As hard as we try to provide accurate information about Compiere, there will likely be information on the Internet that is inaccurate. Open source and Compiere are evolving which means that yesterday's reporting is today's inaccuracy. I've seen everything from well-meaning mistakes to damaging falsehoods about Compiere in all sorts of places on the Internet. I'm asking for the communty's help to fix any inaccurate information you find about Compiere. This goes for information in this Wiki or elsewhere on the Internet. Please take a the time to correct the facts. You can do this by editing other Wikis such as Wikipedia, posting comments to blogs about Compiere or sending an email to the author.

Blog (or podcast or produce a video) about your Compiere experience

There is nothing more satisfying to a potential new customer than to hear first-hand how your business benefits from using Compiere. Share your experiences with a blog, a podcast, or a video. For example, take a look at the Southern Book Company success story video on YouTube produced by Knowledgeblue or Compiere's Web GUI development video produced by Google. The marketing team at Compiere is happy to help you share your story with others. Contact us to get started on a success story featuring you!

Encourage colleagues to join the Compiere community

If you are benefiting from the Compiere Wiki or forums, chances are you know someone else who should join us. Encourage coworkers, colleagues and friends to join our community. Even better, encourage them to contribute to our community! 

Making contributions is surprisingly easy...and rewarding.  Make your first contribution to the Compiere Community today.

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