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Compiere 3.2 is a major release that adds more than 30 new functional, technical and business analysis enhancements.

Here are some of the enhancements:
New Data Dictionary Feature: Value Assignment
Compiere 3.2 provides the ability to dynamically create default field values when a new records i s created (SQL, constant, preferences). In addition to this, Value Assignments allow the ability to set values after the user presses save, just before a reocrd is saved. This could be used to create a default value without user intervention or if the user fails to define a value. Another use is to assign a certain value based on other fields. Value Assignments are basically a declarative way to define before-insert/update/delete trigger.

Account Balance Summary
Compiere 3.2 provides the ability to store and manage account balances by user-specified summary details.
By default, the Update Accounting Balances process accumulates the accounting transactions of each day for each combination of the accounting schema elements. These values are stored in the Accounting Fact Balances table, which is the source of data for all Financial reports. Compiere provides a new screen called Balance Aggregation, which allows users to summarize accounting data by Calendar Week, Month, and Day. Choosing the option of Calendar Month will reduce the number of records in the Accounting Fact Balances table and should improve the performance of Financial reports. This summary option can be set up to a specific date, after which the accounting balances are accumulated daily. Note that the Balance Accumulation option of "Period of Compiere Calendar" is not yet operational.

Provision New Tenants Enhancements
Compiere 3.2 provides a consistent way of creating new tenants from self service web store, swing or Professional Edition user interfaces.

Please visit for more details on this release.

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