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Compiere Support Processes 

  •  Public Support Request window/purpose & objective
    Login to the, Open the "Public Support Requests" window using the Main Menu => Requestsmenu option.
    This window gives a view of all issues up to date logged by all the partners and customers. This view also includes all the product support, product bugs and Product Enhancements. The purpose of this window is to let all users see through the reported existing issues. The view of issues window is read-only so it cannot be updated by other users. When you log/report your issue, we encourage you to always refer to an existing issue (if there is one standing). This helps us understand the depth of the issue and number of users running into the same problem allowing us to address and resolve more quickly and efficiently.
  •  Waiting on Customer Timeout/ What are customer's action items?
    When a user logs a support request, the initial status is "Waiting Evaluation". Once Compiere support responds to the issue (for more details or questions), status is set to "Waiting on Customer". This status means that a customer has to take action by responding and setting back the status to "Waiting Evaluation". If the request is in "Waiting on Customer" status and no action taken, the Compiere system will wait for 10 calendar days and will automatically time out and change the status to "Closed (soft)". This status means that the customer can reset the status back to "Waiting Evaluation". An email notification is sent to the user when there is a change to the request. In the event of no further action after status is in "Closed (soft)", the Compiere system waits for another 5 calendar days and then changes the status to "Closed (Final)". After this the customer cannot reopen the request, and has to log a new request.
  •  Compiere Support Request/how to
    Go to for details on how to log a issue/request.
    What status do I use to log a request?
    The initial status for a Product Support request is 10_Waiting_Evaluatio, by default. An engineer from Compiere Support will review your request, and if we need additional information from you, we'll change the request to status 30_Waiting_on_Customer. Be sure to provide an update and change the status back to 10_Waiting_Evaluation in the following ten days, before the request timeout and is closed by the system. If Compiere Support confirms that your product support request is an issue in the product, the request type will be changed to Product Bugs and development will go through the following status:
    1. 20_Assigned (Open): Development is working on the fix.
    2. 42_Waiting on QA: Bug fix is being tested.
    3. 80_Waiting Release: Bug fix ready to be included in the next service pack.
    4. 99_Closed Final: Bug fix already included in the current release or service pack.

Frequent Questions

What is the default installation directory for Compiere 3.x.x?

The default installation directory is compiere2. Changing the directory name is a user option.