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At present, there are still some known features available in the "Java Swing" user Interface that are not yet available in web user interface. Most of these features are scheduled for a future release.
The following features are currently "Not Available" in the web user interface. However, they are fully functional in the "Java Swing" user interface:

  • Resource & Schedule Info Windows - Info Window available from the View? menu to view Scheduled Resources.
  • Resource Assignment - A Form used to schedule a resource accessed from the Assigned Resource field in a Sales Order, Project, or Expense Report.
  • Personal lock - A security feature accessible from the toolbar used to lock a specific record to keep the record private. It is also used as a method to set security access rules for specific records.
  • Archive Viewer - A window used to view the Archived Records. Records or Documents can be archived via the toolbar from the document viewer or automatically via a setting available in the tenant window.
  • Ability to print mass shipments - A process available from the Main Menu used to print multiple shipments.
  • Print from info windows - A button accessible from any Info window used to print a screen shot of the information.
  • Ability to email documents/reports as attachment - A button available from the toolbar of any report or document that opens an e-mail dialog box with the report attached as a .PDF file allowing users to send the report via email.
  • Product attribute grid - A form available from the Main Menu which allows users to select an Attribute and view a grid of which products are available with the selected attributes.

Important: The Firefox Browser is recommended when using Compiere with the web user interface.
When using Internet Explorer, verify the options: "Always switch to new tabs when they are created" and "A new tab in the current window" are enabled: Under Tools> Internet Options> General Tab, open the Tab settings.

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