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Balance Aggregation

The Balance Aggregation feature allows for improved performance in Financial Reports and Dashboards.  It is not required, but is beneficial for those with a large number of records in the Accounting Facts table.

Financial Summarization enhancements

  •   Update Accounting Balances process has been enhanced for improved performance
  •   User can create any number of aggregations and use them in Financial reports and dashboards
  •   Aggregations can be created based on user-defined accounting elements and user-defined periods

 Financial Reporting Changes

Balance Aggregation

 Define a Balance Aggregation in the Balance Aggregation window.


Define the Accounting Schema and the Balance Aggregation Method.  

Then select the Elements you want to Summarize By.

Changes were made in Release 3.5 and are as follows:

1)      Removed the date parameter from the setup.

2)      Added the fields based on which summarization can be done.

3)      Added the active check Box.

4)      Once the Balances are generated for an Aggregation, changes in the Aggregation setup are not allowed.

5)      Balance accumulation of type "Period of Compiere Calendar" works now. Balances will be aggregated based on calendar period which the user has selected.

6)      For "Period of Compiere Calendar" if the periods are not created/exists for the Accounting data then the Update process will throw an error notifying user of the same.

Update Accounting Balance Process 

Use the Update Accounting Balances process to create or update your Balance Aggregations.

Select an Accounting Schema and a Date From to indicate the accounting facts that should be considered when updating the daily balances.

Optionally select a Balance Aggregation. If selected the process summarizes the data for the selected aggregation only. Else the accounting data is summarized for all the active Balance aggregations. If there are no Active balance aggregations, then the system creates one by default. This default aggregation has accumulation of type "Daily" and it summarizes data by all the possible parameters.

Using Balance Aggregations

When creating a Financial Report you may select a Balance Aggregation to use as the source of data for this report.  This is a mandatory field.  By default there is a Balance Aggregation of Daily Balances.

Note:  Compiere will check to make sure that any summarization specified in the Financial Reports parameters corresponds to any summarizations defined in the selected Balance Aggregation.  For example, if the Balance Aggregation summarized by product only and the Report Parameters specified a grouping by Business Partner, an error message would be returned.

The Balance aggregation parameter has been added to the following reports:

1)      Financial Reports

2)      Balance Sheet

3)      Trial Balance

4)      Profit & loss statement

5)      Statement of Accounts

Accounting Fact Balances

You can search for Balance Aggregation values in the Accounting Fact Balances Table.

  • None