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The following tips help you become a power user within the Compiere Community Wiki.

  1. #Subscribe to the RSS feed
  2. #Start a habit of contributing
  3. #Use "search" in the wiki
  4. #Bookmark the wiki
  5. #Visit often

Subscribe to the RSS feed

RSS is a great way to identify the newest wiki content. The Compiere Community Wiki lets you subscribe to the entire wiki, a workspace or a page. Follow the instructions for the RSS Feed Builder. Paste the feed URL to any RSS reader such as, or thousands of others. The wiki supports RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom formats.

Start a habit of contributing

You know you have something to add. Maybe its best practice suggestions for setting up product or accounting structures. Maybe you want to share an Italian language installation guide or language pack. Or you simply have suggestions that will help first time users be more productive with Compiere.

I know that the first contribution is the hardest. I just made my first contribution to this wiki in May. Since then, I've made it a point to make small contributions every few days. No tip is too big or too small. All contributions are welcome. If you fear making a mistake...don't. Nothing is permanent on a wiki. Its easy to fix mistakes by editing the page another time.

Use "search" in the wiki

The Compiere Community Wiki has a fabulous full text search engine that returns results in a rank order. Give it a try and see what you think. While we've tried to follow a logical architecture for the site, there is no guarantee that the information you want is where you expect to find it.

Bookmark the wiki

The next time you type in "" could be your last. Once the site loads, press <ctrl>-D on most browsers. Press OK to save the wiki URL to your bookmarks or favorites folder.

Visit often

Each time you visit the Compiere Community Wiki, you're likely to learn something new. That's reason enough to visit often.

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