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If you are looking for more information about all things related to Compiere, there is a wealth of resources available on the web site that you should check out. I've compiled a list of helpful links for the Compiere user. It's a good idea to add the following to your favorites list so that you can refer back to them easily:

Compiere, Inc. Home Page - Visit the official home of Compiere, Inc, Compiere is the driving force behind Compiere open source ERP & CRM business solutions, and offers commercial backing, support and services to Compiere customers, the Compiere Partner Network and the Compiere community.

Compiere Blog - find out what's fresh on our minds about Compiere

Compiere Capabilities - download the white paper to learn about Compiere capabilities

Compiere Events - find out about local events in your area through our Partners or about the next upcoming Compiere webinar

Training - check out the dates for the next upcoming instructor-led Compiere training

Demos - view the Compiere product demos to learn more about Compiere functionalities

Customer Success Stories - learn how some of our customers have succeeded with Compiere

eLearning - listing of all available eLearning modules

Industries - learn how Compiere fits into your particular industry

Compare Editions - which Compiere Edition is right for your business? 

Download Compiere - download latest version of Compiere Community Edition

Compiere Source Code - access to source code of latest stable release in Compiere

Installation Guides - help with installing Compiere

Compiere Online Forums - interact with fellow Community members via the Source Forge forum

Community Resources - one-stop shop for all Community resources including how to submit support requests

Compiere Partner Directory - listing of all Authorized Compiere Partners

Contact Compiere Sales - have more questions?

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