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Who is the Compiere Community?

You are. Like you, we all have a keen interest in creating business value using Compiere ERP software. Beyond that, we are very different individuals with very different backgrounds, motivations and needs. Consider these statistics about our community members:

  • Reside in over 195 countries
  • Work in organizations with as many as 75,000 employees...or as few as 1
  • Work in virtually any industry
  • Have job functions ranging from software development, to finance, manufacturing, purchasing, information technology, customer service and management

Join us in leveraging our diverse persectives to create greater knowledge of Compiere through the Compiere Community Wiki.

Wiki Contribution Guidelines

When editing Compiere Community Wiki content, please keep the following Wiki best practices in mind:

  • Treat all contributors and contributions with respect. Contributions can easily be misinterpreted. Be respectful with others and of pre-existing content when collaborating on a topic.

  • Write clearly. While English is the primary language for this Wiki, not everyone is equally fluent. Those of you with language translation skills are encouraged to translate content to other languages.

  • Keep to the facts. Questions, opinions and discussions are better suited to the Compiere Forums.

  • Be proactive. Find a page (or create a new page) with a topic that interests you and add some quality content. Wikis develop faster when people fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, etc.

  • Respect the intellectual property of others. Please do not post copyrighted material to the Compiere Community Wiki. If you find copyrighted material that should be removed, please contact [email protected].

  • Pitch in. Write about your big ideas, little ideas or any ideas. You don't have to be a hot-shot Java programmer or have years of Compiere expereince to contribute. Wikis benefit from a wide range of contributors.

Note that members who exhibit abusive, harmful or other negative behaviors will have their Compiere Wiki privileges immediately revoked.

Getting Started

In order to add and edit pages and comments, you must be logged in as a registered and verified user on the Compiere Community Wiki. Use the following links to:

Getting Help

The Compiere Wiki is not a substitute for the world-class services available from Compiere, Inc. and the Compiere Partner Network. Support services are available as part of a Compiere Professional Edition or Compiere Standard Edition subscription. If your needs include timely support responses, periodic service packs or other services, please contact Compiere sales or call + 1 (650) 517-5900.

More information about using Wiki features and functions is available in the Atlassian Confluence User Guide. I want to thank Atlassian for supporting our efforts by contributing Confluence, the professional wiki, to our organization.

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